(6 May 2017) The arrival of our 3rd princess

Before we update 2016 events, (Yes I know, I am THAT slow. I had been busy!) here’s some pix of our 3rd precious princess. She came as a pleasant surprise, and we are delighted to have her complete our family, now a family of FIVE. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Pregnancy was tough. Juggling 2 toddlers, household chores, work, it was crazy but this is life.

At 37 weeks, went for the final appointment to see Dr JM Lee (Yes, I love her), I was already 5cm dilated. At midnight, I had already been having 5min apart contractions for hours. Checked in Kakak Daniya & Dahlia with Granny and Atok, (they transferred the kids to Mummy Yani) then checked in to the Delivery Suite. Bismillah. At 10am, after some intense pushing, our princess arrived.

Our dear baby Hifza Dalilah, may you grow up to be a Solehah Muslimah, who will be kind and gentle, who will be intelligent in both Dunyawi and Ukhrawi. And be protected from Djinn, Syaitan and the evil eye. InshaaAllah.


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(Dec 2015) Weddings and Happenings

Dec 2015 was a super happening crazy month.

  • KMBC went to the zoo! We followed kakak Haifa and her friends around. She was excited to see the animals.
  • My niece Mira got engaged. So pretty.
  • {Fadli & Muna} and {Mat Noh & Roz} Wedding Photoshoot @ Gardens By The Bay.
  • Siti & Bart’s Wedding . Our baby cousin got married!!! Can’t believe it.
  • Fadli & Muna’s Wedding 
  • Henna Night
  • Solemnization @ ROMM, then wedding lunch @ Chai Chee Seafood.
  • Wedding at Bekasi, alhamdulillah many of our close relatives joined us at Bekasi. All of us stayed at Amarossa Hotel.
  • Hilya Dahlia’s 1st flight 🙂

(Oct-Nov 2015)

It’s been a while since the last update. Here’s what we did during this period:

  • Went to Vivocity, took the train ride cos Kakak Daniya is obsessed with choochoo trains. Waterplay!
  • Meetup with Yoga mummies @ Kak Nani’s tampines house
  • Lana’s Birthday Party
  • Maya’s Birthday Party

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(Aug 2015) Haifa turns 2!

Haifa Daniya – 2yr

Hilya Dahlia – 4mth

Time past by too fast. Where did the 2yrs go? Now she can communicate so well, throw tantrums, make funny jokes, laugh heartily, expresses her love.. Haifa is a bundle of joy. Forever our baby.. We love you too much. Celebrated her birthday in school in conjunction with National Day celebration.

Also celebrated Rani’s birthday, we tried to recreate an old pic, and it wasn’t easy, trying to sync 3 babies to look at the camera!

Sent off Ayie at the airport, he will stay at Bekasi, Jakarta from now on, and inshaaAllah Duta will open up a branch office there.


(July 2015) Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2015

Haifa Daniya – 1y11mth

Hilya Dahlia – 3mth

Hilya’s 1st Raya, and our 1st Raya as a family of four !! An exhilarating month.  Celebrated my birthday and Atok’s as well. Travelling everywhere with these 2 was no easy feat. I’m glad we survived..

Look at how much Hilya has grown in just a couple of mths!

Anyway, our 1st day blue outfit (for girls) was bought from Poplook 🙂 Fast shipping and affordable , love!!!



(May 2015) Hilya Dahlia’s 1st month

It’s been such a hectic month. Having 2 kids was definitely a challenge. Confinement was at Granny’s. Sometimes I had to disappear into the room to nurse Hilya, and had to leave Haifa in the living room under a family member’s watch. I could not be there for Haifa 24/7 anymore and I felt guilty. I was so used to doing activities with her, be it colouring, cutting/pasting, playing toys.. But Haifa was being quite an understanding big sister. She did not demand attention from me when I needed to tend to the baby. She had matured faster on her own..

Hilya’s Cukur Jambul was done at Masjid Darul Aman. A small and simple affair. In just 1mth, her facial features had changed.. She gained weight quite fast, even though I was exclusively breastfeeding her.  In many  ways, she reminds us of her kakak Haifa, but of course, she is Unique.